Happy Anniversary Year 1

It’s been 365 days already? What a surprise because that’s how long ago this blog first came alive. I can honestly say I was able to post every scripture (minus one or two maybe) Holy Spirit lead me to read for a whole year. I might have not posted them right a way but eventually I was able to or in the mood to do it. It’s been a pleasure to experience help in God’s Word like that. He is the teacher, whether He’s moving through you or somebody else. He’s always giving me what I need, the truth.

So last year, I thought about doing something new for the new year, and then I decided on a blog. First, I thought about doing something fun. In my mind, I thought about blogging something about clothes or about the special events in my life. Then I thought it should be about something more meaningful and that stuff wasn’t good enough. And I would like to give God the credit for the idea I came up with and stuck with for this blog. It’s exciting to me to know how God led me through His Word every time I went back for a new scripture. He lead me to what I needed to hear at the moment or time. I learned every scripture has something good to know about Him, no matter how short or long. And some of them I read before on my own and some I didn’t even remember was there, but I thank Him for showing me what I could not see in all of them. This blog was fun for me. I’m sticking with it for now. And I’m looking for something else new and cool to do again, especially since it’s that time again.

May the Lord bless you and me this new year coming up, in Jesus’s name. Amen!


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