Happy 2nd Anniversary!

I am so happy to read the Word of God because these two or three years I have never read it like this before, relying completely on Holy Spirit. The Helper leads and guides me to Scriptures to read and mediate on, and reveals the truth about life through God our heavenly Father. I am growing in the knowledge of the Lord and His ways more and more. He is perfect, holy, righteous, just, faithful, true, and everlasting. He is amazing and worthy to be praise. All that He does is right and good, for His glory and His purpose. Life was made for Him, by Him, and through Him. It really is all about Him and His plan to show who He is: perfect, powerful, and purposeful. This is our Creator, the Lord God Almighty. Be encouraged to read God’s Word, the Bible. It is true, powerful, and alive (The word of God). Everything in it speaks about Him in a spectacular way. He is the potter and we are the clay created how He wants us to be so He can have His way with us (Powerful).

The Word by the Spirit fills us with true life and is what we need to grow spiritually and to continue growing (Spirit and life). It was inspired by Him to feed and strengthen us. Reading the Word is spending time with our heavenly Father to know Him more and more. He planned a purpose for every life on earth by His power, wisdom, and glory. All things were made for Him, we are not our own. It is His Word that feeds our hungry hearts and thirsty souls and satisifies us with His truth and love, which is true and everlasting life.

This is the second year around and I am still happy to post on this blog. It’s a joy to read and reread Scriptures and know the Lord more fully. I realize the more I know Him the more I love Him! The more I seek Him the more I find Him. I have received peace, wisdom, and understanding from the Word of God and look forward to reading Scripture after Scripture that draws me closer to the Holy One. His Word satisfies, sanctifies, and strengthens me in the love and faith of Jesus Christ. The Son of His love. The bread of life and living water; heavenly food.

Peace and the grace of God be upon you as well.


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